Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm down to 175!

I haven't posted much in June, progress has been slow, a lot of that is my own fault. I need to have two root canals of all things and until the dentist can get me in..I'm pretty much high on pain killers all of the time. I haven't exercised in two weeks.

The good side is my tooth hurts so bad I'm not eating enough to gain weight either, I actually loss two or three pounds during all of this. Today I exercised for the first time in two weeks. Wow two weeks off really makes a difference.. I lasted 25 minutes where before I did 45 to 50 minutes..

Hubby leaves for Sweden in three weeks and will be gone for two weeks. I'm still hoping to reach my goal of 169 by the time he returns..

I wanted to join the gym. Unfortunately the day I went to join the guy was on vacation then I learn my houses went up and our house payment was going up 60 dollars a month to catch up the escrow account. Bummer! I was already stretching the budget to join with with 35 dollar monthly fee. No way I can join this year now. Hopefully I can stay motivated.

I find I'm no longer in a hurry to loose anymore. I'm at a weight that while still over weight, is a far cry from where I was. I still have far to much gut that I need to start working on. But I do have a waist line again! I know I'll reach my goal someday, be it six months or another year and I feel ok with that now. As long as I'm not gaining I'm happy at the moment.

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