Monday, November 20, 2006

11/20/2006 Weigh-In

Weight, as of 10/14/2006
226 pounds
Measurements as of 10/19/2006
Chest 47
upper abs 41
Waist 45
lower abs 46.5
Hips 45
L Thigh 25
R Thigh 25.5
L Arm 14 1/4
R Arm 14 1/4
Neck 15 1/2

Todays weigh in.
37.1 BMI

chest-- 44.5
upper abs-- 38.5
waist-- 40
lower abs-- 43.5
hips-- 44.5
l thigh-- 26
r thigh-- 25
l arm-- 13.5
r arm-- 13.5
neck-- 15.5

9 inches lost

This has been my biggest inch lost. My husband was off all last week and I only did body flex 3 times last week. I did the advance work out which is all of 9 minutes and this seems to have given me the best results. I lost an amazing 3 inches off my waist! 2 off my lower abs and 2 off my chest. I'm very happy with this weeks measurements and think I will continue the body flex advance for a while.

Last weeks measurements.
chest 46.5
upper abs-- 39.5
waist 43
lower abs 45.5
hips 45
l thigh 26
r thigh 26
l arm 13.5
r arm 13.5
neck 15.5

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Eating for Life

I'm in love with this cookbook! If I knew I could eat so well I would have ordered it a long time ago. It was worth every cent I paid for it. Even my husband loves the few things I've made so far.

Yesterday we had a ground turkey meatloaf with green beans and a portion of red skin mashed potatoes. Really filling and that meatloaf was very tasty! This morning I had a carrot cake muffin since I didn't have time to cook. It's also from the cookbook and you can use it for a meal replacement. If your use to eating muffins and donuts or bagels for breakfast, this is the way to go.

For lunch I made a ham egg and cheese melt. As you can see, these recipes are yummy. I don't start my challenge until Monday, but I can tell you.. I'm loving the food already. Even if I didn't pick up a single weight or do a single exercise, I could eat this way all the time. The book has given us so much variety in our diet.

A lot of the ingredients repeat, so once you have them all in your kitchen you can pretty much make anything in the book. My husband thought it was worth all the money I spent getting everything up I needed. He normally hates my cooking so after eating it for seven years he doesn't mind the extra I spent to give him some variety he actually likes. The main thing, it doesn't taste diet to him.

If you haven't purchased this book or you are thinking about it. Trust me, its completely worth it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

If only I had known...

I recently found the Body for life tracker site. The reason I quit my last diet in 2003 was because after a year I still weighed 191 down from 207. Which is not very motivating when you go work out faithfully for a year. Sure I went from a size 22 to a 16...but I still did the one thing I shouldn't. I relied on what the scale was telling me and I couldn't get over the fact the numbers weren't going down even the 1 pound a week most say is the average weight loss.

Well the tracker site has it where you can put in your measures and body fat percentages. So I did this and this is what it was telling me.

Comparing Challenge #1, Week #0 to Challenge #1, Week #8, Synergi started with a lean bodyweight of 97.5 lbs and 109.5 lbs of bodyfat. If Synergi's measurements are accurate, she currently has a lean bodyweight of 119.4 lbs and 71.6 lbs of bodyfat. This is a change of 21.9 lbs of muscle and 37.9 lbs of bodyfat if the measurements are correct. These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken..

In truth the scale didn't move but I had lost nearly 40 pounds of fat and had packed on 20 pounds of muscles. I could cry now reading this but I won't. It's really motivated me. Using this site, i'll be able to see how much muscle i'm gaining so i'm pretty happy about that..

Today's Weigh In

Ok Speaking of the scale this is official weigh in today. On the new scale im down 3 pounds this week. The old scale has me down 4-5..hard to tell because it never stays zeroed out. My inch loss again hasn't been great I loss 3 more inches but I also moved up an inch in a couple spots so make 2...The spots I did loose is what surprising. 2 inches off the waist line woot! And I think an inch off the upper abs.

If you guys don't keep journals you should really think about it. I've been doing my Body Flex now for a month.. So I compared them with my last trip down diet lane.

Last time I started low carb at about 226 give or take. I got down to 207 this is with out any kind of exercise..

This time I started at 226 and only did body flex..

Todays results Low carb diet 2003
weight 217 207
chest 46.5 47
upper abs 39.5 38.5
waist 42 44.5
lower abs 45.5 45
thigh 26 (both) 26
arms 13.5 14

Just having those to compare shows im getting some toning doing body Flex.. Then in my journal I started the body for life strength trainning routine but stuck to my low carb diet. I must have got lazy in my journal but I tracked at least for two months my results.

Todays results / Low carb diet 9/4 2003 / to 12/4/2003
weight 217 / 207 / 198
chest 46.5 / 47 / 41.5
upper abs 39.5 / 38.5 / 35
waist 42 / 44.5 / 35.5
lower abs 45.5 / 45 / 40
thigh 26 (both) / 26 / 24
arms 13.5 / 14 / 12
hips 46.5 / 47.5 / 41

Not a whole lot of weight loss from september to december but boy did that routine suck me all in lol. I went from a 22 to a very comfortable size 16 in 8 weeks.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Body for Life Challenge

Silly me! I realized it was end of year and near time for the official Body for Life contest to start up. And you know what? I actually entered it! Me? Who has never seen a pair of abs on myself in her life!

But I got to thinking, yes dangerous I know. But why not. Someone has to win it. Its not even really about winning. It's a challenge and a goal to work towards win or lose.

In the meantime. I'm starting my first 12 week challenge soon. It would be nice if I could drop 20 before the official challenges start.

I will be spending the first 12 weeks at home using my free weights. If I survive the first challenge i'll see how i'm progressing and if I need to join the gym. Waiting to the join the gym in January is the best thing to do. They always have specials like two for one or some such and since I belonged to it for a year, I at least won't be intimadated by the buffed hunks walking around.

The Lazy Dieter

Thats probably what I should have called this blog. If anyones read any of my posts thats probably the impression I made. It's not that I'm lazy, it's more like I'm tired of failing. But aren't we all?

I have to thank Steve over at body performace for making me believe I could do it. That I could loose 70 pounds to find the inner goddess within. My official weigh in is monday but I confess I peeked yesterday and I was down another 3 pounds. If the weight stays off til monday it means I lost 10 pounds doing nothing but body flex and portion controlling. Pretty painless..

I did mention I like to weight train? At least I did the one time I tried it a couple of years ago. I did it a solid year and while i lost alot of inches and 2 or 3 sizes, I only lost 10-15 pounds for the whole year. Then we had a storm to make a long story short the entire city was out of power for a couple of weeks. We lost the neurtral to our house and ended up staying in a hotel for 3 weeks. No longer able to cook I gainned 10 of those precious 15 pounds I lost in under 2 weeks. Something that took me a year to loose. After that I was pretty devestated and I gave up.

By the way, I was using the body for life work out routine and was getting pretty good results. I however didn't follow the BFL diet. If any of you have read the book you know brown rice and dry pasta isn't going to make anyones day.

However! Now there is Eating for Life! I hear tell all the bland food is gone. The items are easy to fix, common ingrediants and it will work well with the portion controlling I was already doing. So I ordered the cookbook. I'm very excited that i'll have the diet to go with the workout.

I will be starting in about a week. I need to get my kitchen in order and I'm still waiting for the book to come.

Good luck to me and to everyone else who plans to give this a try.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another weigh-in diaster.

I think I should have stuck to my original plan and weighed myself either every two weeks or once a month. After one week, I didn't loose a single pound, inch or fat percentage and it completely killed my motivation.

Of course I'm sure there will be many, many more days, weeks like this..Im taking in alot less calories then I was.. no reason why the weight shouldn't come off sooner or later.

Anyway, I think I will go have a good cry then get back to my Body Flex.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Novembers Goals.

Hello everyone.

Well now that its November I was sitting here debating what a good goal would be for the month. One goal is to make it through thanksgiving. I'm getting so use to portion controlling I don't think the food side of it will be a problem. I guess i'll eliminate the half pound of butter I use to base my turkey with this year. :) The desert side is another story. I think I will keep it light and not make a bakery this year.

Weight goals I'm to afraid to set one. I'd love to drop another 10 pounds to get closer to the 200 mark. Inch loss i'd like to loose a 3-4 off my waist. I have no idea if any of these are realistic goals, but I think its good to have small goals. If I don't make it this month they can carry over into December.

My birthday is also at the end of the month. So 10 pounds off would be a good present to myself. :)