Monday, January 29, 2007

Weigh In Day Finally!

Well to make a long story short. I am down to 202.4 which is barely 4 pounds in a month. Not very happy...going to have to look over my diet. But I did cheat here and there to..

I burned close to 5000 caloies for the maybe I shouldn't be surprised I only lost 4 pounds?

Bright side is I'm not up, but down on the scale.

I don't think i'll go a full month again. I think i'm just one of those people that need to see the numbers move to motivate me.

Sad part is I didn't fall into the plateau weight I was hoping 2 more pounds to go before i'm dealing with that to..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Example of my workout

I thought I'd put up a workout graph so you could see the difference between when I started Aerobics against when I started DDR.

As you can see, the first 3 weeks were Turbo Jam. The remaining weeks are all DDR. Can see where I began to slack once I could no longer see a scale. The last week doesn't count as its Monday, today so the week isn't over yet. But you can see from the chart even when I was slacking I burned a lot more calories then just doing Turbo Jam.

Three weeks down! One to go!

Well its now been 3 weeks since I managed to stay off my scale. I don't think I've loss a single inch. It reminds me of Greer Childers when she says something like who cares if your small but look the same. Or something to that affect.

I can tell you three years ago after 3 months of going to the gym I was a lot smaller. Why? Because of weight training. However my scale wouldn't budge..I think I loss 15 pounds in a year and even my inch loss crawled to a halt.

This time I thought I would test just doing cardio. So next week will be one month of nothing but cardio. No strength training. The idea was to try to loose enough fat to get past my known weight stalls. I was 206 when I started the no scale for a month idea. I usually stall at 200/199 so I was hoping to get past that. My next stall is 191/188 range. Once I was past those stall points I was going to add in some strength training. My ripped series to be exact.

Still as obsessive as I can be about not seeing weight drop. Seeing no inch loss seems to be almost as bad. Granted I haven't measured everywhere, just my waist where it counts. :)

Once i've gone through 2-3 months on the ripped series, i'll switch over and start body for life. The idea is to keep changing things up so my body wonders what the hell is going on!

I will admit i'm nervous. What if next week's weigh-in is a big failure. what if i'm still 206? Worse, what if I weigh more then 206? I'm not sure i'm up for that big of a disappointment. But whatever happens, I aim to keep pushing and not let even a full month set back toss me off the wagon.

I have cheated also during the month. But I decided if I wanted something i'd have it. I'm not going to beat myself up over it. So i've probably cheated once a week every week this month. With out the motivation of the scale to show me its working, I didn't have as much motivation not to cheat. I can say I cheated in moderation. I didn't go over board with anything.

So stay tuned to next weeks weigh in doing only 35-60 minutes of DDR 3-5 days a week.

I got my WII!

Yes, I got the tip that Target would have Wii's on the 21st this month. I stayed up all night, it was 3AM before Targets ads finally confirmed this. So out I went at 6AM to camp my Wii.

There were 2 people sitting outside and maybe another 4 or 5 sitting in their cars. It was cold as snot and snowing here in Michigan so I stayed in my car til the line grew from 2 to 10. I was number 11. This was at 7AM, by 7:15 there were 13 in line and Target handed out Vouchers. I cannot tell you how happy the line was we could go sit in our cars with the heat on.

A few more stragglers showed up between 7:15 and 7:45 and Target handed out its remaining vouchers. 17 in total. Many showed up after this and turned away empty handed. I'm sure most of them made it to Best buy at 11AM since they had the same sale going. Ironically went I drove past Best Buy at 8:30AM no one was yet in line.

Anyway I got my Wii! Tennis is a hoot! And Boxing is a cardio killer. Its awesome, you burn a lot of calories and I try to move around as if I were boxing. Video games helped contribute to my out of shape exterior, now their helping me regain some fitness. And its fun! Not boring like walking on a treadmil so I am extremely happy.

If you hate cardio as most do. Hate the treadmil, find Aerobics incredibly boring. DDR and Wii might be something you might wish to consider giving a try.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wii Sports Experiment: Results

I have been tracking this guy for about a month. He decided to incorporate 30 minutes of Wii sports into his daily routine to see if he lost any weight. You can find the story here.

Needless to say, his results were very impressive and inspiring.

Two Weeks Down, Two to Go.

Alright, i've discovered something while not weighing in for the last two weeks. While the scale can be devasting if your numbers don't move the way you want them to, it can also be a motivator. It can inspire you to work harder if you dont see the results you want, or it can give you that push to continue if you do actually see what you hoped for.

The reason I bring this up. I worked out much harder while weighing weekly. Soon as the crutch was taken away and I no longer had that visual telling me if it was actually working, it sort of made me feel lost. No I haven't stopped working out. But I went from burning two thousand calories one week to about a one thousand the next. I'm at 500+ for this week so far, so while I'm not burning nearly what I was, I am still doing more then I was a month ago.

What does this mean? It means I want my freaking scale back! But I said I wouldn't weigh for a month so I'm going to stick to it. Maybe in two weeks once I see some results (hopefully) i'll be inspired to push it harder. However if I see nothing, we are back at that devasting blow again.

I'm still doing DDR and i'm still loving it. But I'd like to add something else to change up my routine. My plan is to buy a Wii this weekend when they are finally back in stock. Some might say, why bother, just walk the treadmill and do ''rea'' exercise. I say to this, if its boring, your not going to stick to it. If you can make exercises and fitness fun, your way a head of the game.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What I'm currently doing..

Well today was my official weigh in normally. But I'm still trying to go a month staying off the scale... so no weigh in for me.

Currently i'm still doing DDR ( Dance Dance Revolution ) and I'm loving it! Again, I completely hate cardio, but I love DDR. To show you how I've progressed since starting, here's what I was doing. 20 minutes of Turbo Jam and I was burning roughly 700 calories per week. Since starting DDR all that changed. The first week I burned 1500 calories and the second week I had burned 2000 calories in a week. Today was my first day doing it after taking the weekend off and I burned 553 calories.

I also noticed my endurance today was a lot better then it had been before. I had gone nearly an hour and wasn't even tired. This is a big deal when before 20-30 minutes had been doing me in. I wait towards the last 10 minutes or so to do a really hard song (for me) and push my heart rate up to the max of where it should be, then I do a couple slower songs to cool down.

With regular cardio when I'm done, I'm done. With DDR, I sometimes think about getting up and doing it again after a few hours. I don't always, but sometimes I do. Especially if my first workout was in the AM then I might do one in the PM as well.

I guess in 3 weeks we'll know if it's paid off. I'm really hoping I'll be below 200. As my last weigh in was 206. 200/199 is a platue weight for me, and to sail on past it would be great!

I'm still trying to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii. I think the tennis game will be great for working the upper body. Yes I'm such a geek and its about time my love for games have met my need to be fit.

Here's hoping..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No Scale for a month!

I have no idea if I can stay away from the scale but I'm going to try and give it a shot and not weigh in until January 29th which will be the 5th Monday.

I was also reading Poppi's story. You might remember her from the biggest loser. She did cardio for 2 hours a day and circuit training for 30 minutes a day. The two hours was broken up into two, one hour periods. I'm thinking of giving this a try with DDR. And My Get Ripped Dvd is 50 minutes 3 times a week.

I think I will leave the tape measurer and scale along for a month and see what happens trying this.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Well It's Official. 20 pounds gone since Oct 19!

What a nice way to start out New years day. To be down nearly 1.5 pounds from over the holidays. I contribute DDR with the lost I had over christmas. Because I did eat. Alot of things I shouldn't have had..but in moderation.. I didn't go over board. I don't like feeling stuffed anymore.

Anyway, I'm past one hurdle of many. My next 20 pounds will be tough. I have always stalled when I get around 200 and around two stalls there to look forward to within ten pounds of each other.

New Day, New Year, New Beginning.

I tracked my cardio calories this week I only worked out 4 days and I burned about 1500 calories! This is awesome considering I was burning about 600 for my 20 minute Turbo Jam work outs. This week I did all DDR..and boy does it get my heart rate up fast. And its fun! I'm so consumed with getting my arrows that I loose track of time. I was having so much fun I actually worked out twice in the same day two of those days. Trust me, that is unheard of for me. Still i'm trying not to over do it. I don't want to get my body to use to it and cause myself to stall.

But thats where Ripped hopefully comes in at. The plan is to change up my strength trainning.. I may even work out with Yourself Fitness. And then of course DDR in there as well. But I'm trying to keep it in mind that DDR is a game. One I like to do..but there is no way i'll ever make it to hard. My feet just don't move that fast.

Tomorrow is my weigh in Monday. I did slip on the scale this morning though with a one pound loss. But you know how that goes. Tomorrow I might get up and have gainned 3 pounds so I try not to take it all literally.

I'm seriously thinking of staying off the scale after tomorrow for 4-6 weeks. That in itself will be a challenge. Though it would be nice to come back a month from now 10 pounds lighter, but at the same time what if the scale stays the same. I'm afraid of what that would do to me. I can hear myself now.. working out faithfully for 6 weeks and nothing! I'm at a tricky weight right now. At 206 I am coming into a weight where I always stall. Usually this is right around 200, and then I stall again at 191. Yes i've done this so many times I know where I stall!

This is why I was excited about the DDR. About 3 years ago I did water aerobics but I don't really think it burns all that much. I did about 20-30 on the treadmill to burn about 100 calories. I'd say toward the last 15 minutes of water aerobics before my heart rate got up to where it should be. And the longer I did it the harder it became to get my heart rate up. I had to really push and work harder then the people in the class.

So yes, we can say I slacked royally in the cardio department. DDR is the first program where I did cardio for an hour.. It was fun, I burned 400 calories according to my heart rate monitor and seeing that only spurred me on to keep going.

I want to do DDR at least 3-5 times a week. And strength training 3 days a week. The great part about ripped is its a total body work out so I don't have to alter days with upper and lower.

I don't really have any rewards set up for myself. I mean loosing the weight is the reward if you ask me. I'll buy new clothes when mine are falling off. They are looser but not quite falling off yet :)

I will probably get myself a Nintendo Wii and possibly a Ps2. PS2 is still debatable. You can pick them up so cheap now and they have a lot of DDR games. I'd love to get a PS3 but at a whopping 600 dollars *faints* I'm not sure I want one for that price. Wii the price is right. Also the Wii is cheaper for developers to make games for, and right now the Wii is flying off the shelves like hot cakes. I'm very hopeful they'll get some fitness games and DDR games for it and not just Mario..

Soon they will have Dance Factory. You'll be able to use your own MP3's and the game will make up steps for you to dance to. This is due out on Wii in March and i'm hoping they fixed all the problems that plagued the PS2 version. If they will be an instant hit and enough reason for me to get that system.

Anyway, I've babbled enough for tonight. A year from now hopefully I will look back and see I did everything I set out to do. Making 2007 a really good year!