Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Weigh In Monday!

And I am down to 188.6! I have completed my first mini goal to be 189 and out of the 190's by the end of the month. Yay!

Next Monday is the day I start my official body for life challenge. I've lost 38 pounds so far to date and I've slid through two troublesome weights that use to be stall points for me. It's wonderful when you know you have a problem and you actually discover what that problem was and how to fix it. Not enough cardio seems to have been my problem.

I have decided to get a weight session in this week. I know I'll be sore for 4 days at least so I wanted to get that out of the way this week so I can do training next week.

Well that's all from me. DDR has been the answer I had been looking for. Now I'm hoping Body for Life and the Get ripped series is the other.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Body For Life 2007 Challenge

It's that time. I said at the beginning of my blog I would be doing Body for Life. The next round for this year starts in april. I wanted to wait and take up the June challenge but that would only leave me with one more Challenge I could do for the year, so I've decided to get started in April. Starting in April will give me three challenges to complete for the year.

Hopefully at the end of challenge three I will be where I want to be. I really wanted to wait until June to get some more fat loss in...but then I started getting worried about getting flabby. So April it is.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Inch Loss!

No weight drop as I said in the other post but I did some more figuring and it seems I misjudged loosing muscle. I reentered all my stats and found my starting fat percentage was higher then I first had thought. This seems to have turned everything all around.

NOW I've gainned 5 pounds of muscle and have not lost any. I know I kept up with my protien so I wasn't sure how I could have lost 8 to 11 pounds of muscle. Seems I made a mistake and this is working out even better then I had thought.

To date i've lost just shy of 40 pounds when you figure in the muscle gain! And I've lost to date 43.5 inches over my entire body! 7 of that alone was in my waist. Yikes!

Let's compare..

I am now the same exact weight I was 3 years ago when I quit the gym. The only difference is in how I loss the weight. At the gym I did some cardio and a lot of strength training. This time I did a lot of cardio and no strength training. I thought it would be fun to compare my then measurements to what I am now using these two different methods. Plus I needed a reference for this and I figured my blog was probably the best place to keep it.

Fat% 39.9
BMI 32.9
L Arm 12.5
R Arm 12.5
Neck 14.5
R Thigh 23
L Thigh 23
Upper Abs 35.5
Waist 37.5
Lower Abs 39
Chest 41.5
Hips 41

Fat% 38.1
BMI 32.9
L Arm 12
R Arm 12
Neck N/A
R Thigh 24
L thigh 23.5
Upper Abs 35.5
Waist 35.5
Lower abs 38.5
Chest 41.5
Hips 41

There is not that much different until you get to my waist line. Huge difference there and apparently those measurements has a lot to do with me loosing muscle mass which I didn't do when I was at the gym to now..where I have loss a bit of muscle. Seems I've lost 8 pounds of muscle instead of the 11 pounds I thought I had loss. The other difference is my fat percentage was a bit lower when going to the gym.

No change this week.

Well I'm still right at 191.8. I've said before 191 is a stall weight for me, however sitting two weeks on this weight isn't yet a stall to me. If I don't loose anymore by this coming Monday then I am officially stalled and its time to add something new to my routine.

Probably not the brightest idea to loose weight first then start weight training. I've lost 34 pounds but 11 pounds of that is muscle loss. Ouch! Still the muscle loss seems to have slowed down a bit but I probably need to start strength training to regain that loss muscle.

I can just see my scale moving in the opposite direction now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Down almost 2 more pounds.

Well I had a late night. Didn't get my full 8 hours sleep, more like 3 but I weighed in at the normal time then went back to bed. When I woke up I weighed again for the heck of it and was down another pound. I tossed out that number and kept the first since it wasn't the normal time of day I weigh in.

Last week 193.4 This week 191.8 and the reading I tossed out was 190.4! I was happy enough with the first number so it's staying.

I am very close now to my first mini goal which was 189 by the end of March. I sure hope I make it but if I don't..close enough!

I can't say enough good things about DDR. It's really changing my life! Just 4.5 months ago I was 226 pounds, now I am 191 and so far so good, I look better and I certainty feel better. It's great!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Down 1.3 Pounds!

Well it wasn't a big loss but it was a loss just the same and I'll take it! I have now loss 36 pounds since I started in October and so far so good. DDR has really been working wonders for me so far.

I have a mini goal to get to 189 by April 1st. But my big mini goal is 175 by July first though I'm hoping I loose 18 pounds I need for that faster then July. But this way I'm not disappointed as much if I don't make it say, by June.

Anyway I'm not far from my first mini goal. Here's hoping I don't stall. I'm sitting pretty at 193 and I usually stall at 191 so we'll see. I'm happy with my progress so far. In 4.5 months I've come down 36 pounds and about 2-3 pant sizes. I still haven't bought any clothing even though mine are to big. Maybe in another 1 pounds I'll buy a pair of jeans. I don't work so its not like I'm out in public everyday anyway.

I'm currently down to a 16W in pant sizes. I'm thinking I'll buy a pair of jeans when I hit size 14.

Anyway I've babbled enough. It's 4am so I'm heading to bed.