Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Well as I sit here waiting to say good bye to 2006 and hello to 2007, I had to think about what my goals for the new year should be. *Laughs* Like the other billion people out there making their lose weight in 2007 resolutions..I'm there to making my own. I feel like this is it. I did start my journey at the end of October. I managed to make it through Christmas with a 1 pound loss. Not great, but great considering most gain at this time of year, I have to take it as a positive.

So good bye 2006 and hello 2007. My goal is to be more active. To do an hour of cardio at least 3 days a week. This will consist of most Dance dance Revolution but I also have my eye on the Nintendo Wii. I think it has a lot of great potential to be weight loss friendly for most of us couch potatoes. I also plan to use Yourself fitness for the Xbox. I think it will be great in helping me figure out where I should be as far as my heart rate goes so I am exercising more effectively.

My other goal is the Get Ripped series by Jari love. Low weight high intensity I think is what I need at this weight. Later I will kick it up a notch and do the Body for Life challenge. Come summer I hope to do some walking around the park. I figure it isn't enough to make a resolution unless you have a plan. If I only manage two out of the four things I've planned, well then I'm still further ahead then I was one year ago today.

One day I will post before pictures and my work in progress pictures. I think once I have 12 weeks of Ripped in I will take pictures and post them.

In the mean time. Keep trying, keep believing. If you fall off, don't give up..get back on and keep on going.

May you all have a healthy, and happy, blessed year!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution!

Ok if anyone has read my previous posts, you know any form of cardio is a boring chore to me. The most I have been doing is 20 minutes of Turbo Jam along with my trust Polar heart rate monitor. 20 minutes of Turbo burns about 170 calories. I am in my heart rate zone for burning fat for about 7-9 minutes of those 20 minutes. I suppose thats ok for a couch potato, but its not great. I have longed for something that I would actually love doing that would burn fat but that seemed like a long pipe dream. Until now..

I ran up on a girl who had lost 95 pounds doing Dance dance Revolution. If you don't know what this is..its a video game, thats right.. a video game! Well I am a self proclaimed geek anyway. So I told my son to bring his Xbox home (he'd left it at his girlfriends for the last 8 months and since mom bought wanted to use it :P) Anyway, he brought it home for me when he came home for college and his girl friend since her DDR games since she was busy with work and not using them anymore. I admit I was skeptical. I've seen videos of people doing DDR and at 207 pounds, I can't do that fancy jumping and footwork they do. Well there are different modes so I chose light and the slowest song I could find. I'd do it once or twice then sit down and say.. I don't believe this will do anything.. but after a few days I started to get a little better. That slow song I was getting a E on moved up to a D then a C then an A on to the elusive AA. Once I stopped thinking of it as exercises and just started enjoying the opened up a whole new world and way to work out for me.

Today for instance, along with my heart rate monitor that measures heart rate and calories, I was on DDR for 56 minutes. Try to get me to do any bodies aerobics for that long and i'd be read to shoot myself. But this was fun, the time flew and I really wasn't ready to get off but it was time to pick up my hubby. After 56 minutes I had burned 408 calories! This, from playing a game thats fun! I was in my target heart rate zone for 46 of those minutes. I had sweat pouring down my face and I completely loved it!

This isn't a chore, its fun and I could see myself doing it several times a day..not just an hour. I think I have finally found my niche. Finally I have found a form of cardio I absolutely love.

If your kids have an xbox or Ps2, and you hate cardio as I do. Give it a try. I think you might find the video game makers are on to something.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Let's Get Ripped!

Well a friend I met on the Sparkpeople boards told me about a video series called ripped. It actually uses low weights, high reps to burn fat and tone up without bulking. Its also on a rotation to keep your body from adapting. For example, you would follow the first Video Ripped for 20 workouts, then switch to Slim and Lean, the second video and so on..

The first video is about 50 minutes. You need dumbbells, or barbells, a mat and a step though you could probably get by without the step and the mat if your on carpet. The video solves a couple of problems for me. I've stated earlier I do like weights, but doing them by yourself can be boring. Doing it with the Dvd really helps solve the boredom problem. It also gets a total body work out in 50 minutes, so it saves you time. Before I'd spend 50 minutes on upper and the next day 50 on lower so this is great. And it works all my muscles to muscle failure which is a good thing.

Each video in the series gets a little more intense then the last, so your steadily building up endurance.

The other problem for me was before I used heavier weights and only lost 15 pounds of scale weight in a year. This made me reluctant to weight train before I lost a certain amount of scale weight. (Fat) But with the low weight high rep workout I decided to see how it works out. I really love this series.. If your interested in strength training, give Jari Love's Ripped series a try.

Monday, December 18, 2006

12/18 Weigh In

Well another Monday has rolled around. Last week I did 20 minute workout of Turbo Jam for 6 days. I still haven't incorporated weights in, but I found a Video, The Ripped series by Jari love that incorporates light weights with high reps. This is exactly the kind of workout I need at this level. Going to be starting that this week, although my workouts might get spasmadic with my handsome son coming home from college and my husband hanging around a few days off work. Can't wait to see my son, at the sametime I cannot wait til the hoildays are over.


Weight 207.8

Fat% 43.2%
BMI 35.6

Chest 44.5
Upper Abs 37
Waist 39
Lower Abs 42
Hips 43
L Thigh 25
R Thigh 24.5
L Arm 13
R Arm 13
Neck 15

3.5 Inches lost
Down almost 2 pounds.

Monday, December 11, 2006

12/11/2006 Weigh-In

Well its that time of the week again. As of today my scale shows 209.6. Getting closer to my first goal of 200. I started all of this October 14th at 226. This brings my grand total down to 16.4 pounds lost! Since my next weigh in will be past the 14th this is the week of my 2 month anniversary.

I also lost 4 inches overall body.

Yesterday was my off day. But with the heart rate monitor I was inspired to get up and burn off 170 calories in 18 minutes. I am getting my head together. If you read my earlier post you'd know I was anti exercise..yet my results were to slow and then I found Turbo Jam and liked it. The plan is to do 20 minute workout for about a month then switch to a different Turbo Jam tape with different moves to keep my body confused. We'll see. I'm 9 pounds from not only my first goal, but my first Platuea.

Still using the Bean also for stomach. I've only used it 3 days so far and I think I lost 1 inch off lower abs so far. Going to give it another week to see if I see all these results I'm suppose to have. I know it will work, I feel the burn in my abs big time. Just having a inkling of buyers remorse.. Not for the heart rate monitor though..that was worth every penny.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Heart Rate Monitor

Picked up a heart rate monitor today. I wanted something that would give me an idea of how many calories I'm burning.

So far today I did my 20 minute Turbo Jam workout and burned 167 calories. According to the monitor I was in my idea fat burning target rate zone for 7 of those 18 minutes. I'd love to test it on the 40 minute work out but the 20 minute is killing me lol. I just don't have that kind of endurance yet.

3 minutes of body flex burned 22 calories. Not bad for so little work and I didn't have do it at that.

I did 8 minute abs work out on the bean and burned 40 calories.

The monitor is a really great motivator and I'm glad I bought it. Now I can quit guess at how much I'm burning.

Today's total is about 229 calories for about 29 minutes work. I don't think thats bad at all for a beginner and completely out of shape person.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Well I'm on my 3rd day doing Turbo Jam. I had done really good doing the Learn and Burn portion, which is the very basic beginners work out. The work out is oh about 16-17 minutes. Perfect for someone that is so completely out of shape.

I discovered a few things. I know you should wear gym shoes to work out, but on carpet, forget it. I just go barefoot.

I picked up the 30 minute Turbo Jam fat blaster. Its only 30 minutes and its a very good work out for body for life. The reason I say this is because you work out 3 minutes then for 1-2 minutes you work at 9-10 intensity. This is what she calls Turbo mode. There are about 4 of these spread out through the 30 minute work out. Hey its 30 minutes..not so bad..I hung in for the 17 minute work out.

Ha! That work out kicked my butt. Not to mention I just could not keep up with it. I'm so tired of being out of shape. For now, I'm going back to the 17 minute work out. At least doing that I was proud of myself for finishing it and felt like I had accomplished something.

If you haven't tried Turbo Jam, give it a try. All the glowing reviews everyone gives it is true. And this is coming from a person that completely hates cardio. Turbo Jam is the best work out i've ever tried as far as the teacher being really likable, and the music is really great. It makes you want to get up and move.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Added a few new Toys

Well not much to report this weigh in. I was up 1.5 pounds from last week with about a .5 inch loss. I think my progress since October 19th has been ok but could be better. I still want to do the Body for Life challenge...but I had issues of what cardio to do since I absolutely hate cardio.

Today I tried out the Turbo Jam learn and burn routine. I actually liked it. The music helps a lot. The teacher is motivational and not annoying..I figure if I give my all with this work out then move on to the 20 minute work out she has..that should cover my cardio.

I also picked up the Bean from walmart 48.99. The reason I got it was I've been wanting to try the stability balls..but I already know I wouldn't be very stable on one. The bean is the perfect compromise with its contoured shape. I've only did the ab work out so far, but my abs really felt the burn. So I have to give this one a thumbs up also.

The last thing stopping me from doing my body for life challenge is my weights. I had bought the rebook set but from memory I dont think that set will last me very long. A 40 pound set is more idea for me. I went to the local sporting goods store to take a look at what they had. Especially the bowflex select tech. My god they are huge! I did try them in the store..very smooth and easy to change the weights..but the set is a little over whelming. I'm still debating if that will be the set I go with.

The other I was thinking of was the Gofit SportBlock set Walmart sells. The 24 pound set sells for 59.99 and you can add another 24 pounds for another 39 dollars. giving you a 48 pound set. This is a good alternative but I can't find any reviews so I have no idea if they will hold up.

Anyway i'll make up my mind soon.

Good luck everyone!