Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yes its been a while. I don't think anyone has read any of my blog but me. If your out there let me know and I'll keep posting my success and failures.

I realized I usually make a New Years post and I was really bummed I missed it then I realized it was still New Years so here I am! Yay!

Anyway, 2008 was good and bad. I quit smoking which is good but I started eating like a mad woman. Not so good! I haven't been on the scale, and I won't until Monday but I'm pretty sure I'm right back where I started 2 years ago. :(

I really see why some people just smoke again. I knew if I could smoke I'd stop eating all the snacks. It seems like everytime I want or would have smoke, I eat now. Anyway I haven't had a smoke in 17 months. So my quit smoking has been more success then my keeping the pounds off.

With that said, I'm starting over on monday the 5th. Got my sparkly new YMCA membership, got a friend to go with me, so weights and cardio. I'll be doing a little water aerobics because I like the water and it can't hurt to have extra cardio but my main will still be DDR!

I'm adding a new goal this time, which I think might be even harder then quiting smoking. I'm going to attempt to give up all drinks aside from water. No soda, no splenda sweetened drinks. I'm a big flavored drink drnker so this will be toughest of all.

Other then that, my arsenal of DDR games, the new We Cheer, Active outdoor challenge,are all ready to go on monday. Im just spending this week cleaning out the junk in the fridge and maybe coming up with a list of healthier choices to buy tomorrow on my trip to the store so i'm ready to start monday.

For everyone else starting their resolutions. Good luck!

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