Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Officially back on track again.

I looked over my progress the last time and i'm hoping I can do it better. Right now I'm struggling to build up endurance and I don't feel good today. I looked at my last weight loss report in July of 2007. The last weight I posted was 175 but I actually made it down to 173.

August is when things went to hell. I quit smoking in August of 2007 and I had to compensate for it apparently by eating. The only good side is I am still smoke free. I quit cold turkey and I haven't had a smoke since. Not even a cheat. This was after about 18 long years of smoking and never having tried to quit seriously before.

Now that smoking is no longer a crutch, I think I can get my eating back under control again. I'm going to take water aerobics at my gym. Its hardly what I call a series work out but I think it will help get me limbered up and a little more energized. I'm doing old faithful, my DDR! I can't do a weight loss goal without this incredueble game. I have also added We Cheer! Fun fun game and a nice upper body workout. I also have Active outdoor challenge, but right now I don't have the stamina to play all these games plus the gym lol.

My newest goal was to give up soda, juice, diet drinks and just drink plan water. I'm on day two of this and surprisingly this has been a lot easier then I thought it would be. I really hope it helps speed up the weight loss. And since I kept good records of my last go at it and the starting weight is practically the same, I will have a good comparison to see if water really helps make a difference in weight loss.

I'm also strength training at the gym so I'm doing a lot of things I didn't do the last time. Last time was 2 and a half months before I even started exercising so I'm hoping this time will be faster.

I'll probably wait two weeks before I start weighing, give some of this time to work. I haven't mesaured, I need to and as soon as I figure out where that tape measurer is i'll do that.

So, started two days ago I officially weigh 227.

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